Tuesday, 17 April 2012


I have decided I don't read enough and that the over consumption of social media has begun to rot my once creative and in depth mind.

I am going to reverse this damage by attempting to read a book per week and provide detail into my thoughts on each of the books I complete and also describe how I change as a result of this.

I aim to expand my consciousness, improve my vocabulary, increase my self confidence, engaging in more interesting conversation, and most importantly of all, reignite my imagination and creativity.

Book number 1 will be: Haroun and the Sea of Stories - By Salman Rushdie

It's a nice easy childrens book, simply to warm up my mind after so many years of neglect.

Haroun and the Sea of Stories is an adventure novel, the story of a father and son, of Rashid and Haroun, and of Haroun's determination to rescue his father and return to him his special gift. It has a mad bus driver named Butt and a water genie named Iff. It has a floating gardener and a pair of fishes with mouths all over their bodies. It has the wonderful city of Gup (where it is always light) and the terrible land of Chup (where it is always dark). And, perhaps most important, it has P2C2E.
Processes Too Complicated To Explain.

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