Tuesday, 24 April 2012


Like most people I have been fascinated with the vast amount of music available today. When I was growing up in the 80s, I liked about 5 or so bands. Now, each week, I scan through literally thousands of different bands finding absolute masterpieces within.

I like anything from Classical to Depressive Black Metal. Lately as I have become older, I am getting more in to folk music.

The above video is just an excerpt of one of my all time favourite tracks from a German one man band named Wedard. I also created and manage the site for him at www.wedard.com .

I often listen to these epic tracks when walking deep in the bush or high up in the mountains. The endorphin rush is truly indescribable. When I am running of a morning I often listen to metal; the mix of endorphins can assist in running harder and further. I have what could be described as a "mid morning awakening" on occasion.

It is music that has been inspired from the depths of ones truthful heart rather than the scheming mind.

One of the aspects of epic metal tracks I love is their ability to build tension for a while for example 5 to 8 minutes of discordant monotony then suddenly flooding open in perfect blissful harmony.

Viewed from a particular perspective, Depressive Black Metal truly can uplift one to the greatest levels of happiness. A Rachmaninoff Piano concerto can also do the same.

For thousands of years, humans have inspired each other to create more and more complex music. It's almost like the spiral arms of a fractal in that each generation of musicians inspires the next and so on, creating ever more complex, beautiful, and unique sounds.

The universe is truly a great mystery. Music is a direct expression of that creative force, hence why it resonates so deeply within our beings when heard from stillness.

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