Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Sleep Paralysis OBE Notes

Last night I made a huge discovery regarding my out of body experiences during sleep paralysis.

While lying on my back, I enter the paralyzed state and then usually attempt to roll left out of my body, from the bed as if I would in real life. I had quite a bit of difficulty doing this for years, until last nights discovery. Roll the other WAY! I chose to roll to the right and whala, (I still rolled out to the left however, it was strangely reversed).

I planted both of my magical feet on the wooden floor and then slowly traipsed forward toward the bathroom where my partner was brushing her teeth. I could hear my shallow breathing, and I was a little frightened my my own creepiness in that I was just standing there, staring at her about an inch away from her face. I then snapped back and woke up. Buzzing with  colors on the ceiling, then deep warmth and bliss buzzing in my brain.

There is so much to explore! Another note to remember is that you should Never cross your legs when going into paralysis, it hampers the whole OBE movement. Make sure you are lying free, legs and arms straight and relaxed.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Sleep Paralysis Stuff

Sleep paralysis occurs on most nights. It's something I have struggled with years ago, but have since developed strategies to turn it into something I enjoy and explore.

Sleep paralysis is experienced when your mind stays awake and aware while the rest of your body stays asleep and frozen. It can happen on going to sleep, or when waking up from a dream.

The feeling is peculiar, you are entirely frozen, but if you try, you can move your limbs and body outside of your physical body, and also get up and walk about. This is also linked with astral travel.

I have recently began performing wild yoga moves whereby I lift my legs up out of my body, and then use my imaginary hands to lift my body further up into a pose. If I allow it, I can then float above my body in ultimate weightless bliss. I might also then flap my arms until I reach my ceiling, then move through the roof and out far into space.

When waving my hands or feet in front of my face, I can make out an eerie outline of my limbs, often shimmering, and at times, I can see transparent veins.

I am often visited by astral beings, I used to become frightened by this, but I now smile deeply from within my heart, and remain in peace. They soon go away. Once I was dragged from my body and along the hallway by one of these beings, I looked up and with a deep smile said "is that all you can do?". I then snapped back into my body. Beating the fear involves giving courage and allowing the experience to unfold while remaining open in your heart. I used to have reoccurring dreams of approaching a door, and then finding myself desperately trying to close it on a crazed demon. I now open the door and invite it whole heartedly like a polite doorman and it suddenly disappears. The demon is your own fear.

Sleep paralysis is deeply relaxing and meditative experience. There is a lot of information on the internet about it, often misleading. The important thing is to experience it yourself. And all you have to do to experience it is to go to bed with the intention that it's going to happen.

Sleep Paralysis is also the gateway into Lucid Dreaming.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Entering the Lucid Dream Land

I have experienced a lot of Lucid dreams over the years. But recently they have been declining. I decided to start practicing the techniques again.

I had been watching some you tube videos on how to increase Lucidity in your daily life and dreaming. I eventually got on to a ten part series on Lucidipedia on Advanced Lucid Dreaming techniques. I watched just four parts, and then went to bed.

As I lay there, I was comfortable, and deeply feelingly awareness. I remained conscious of my awareness for as long as possible. I eventually reached the transition phase of waking into sleep and experienced what is commonly known as a Wake Induced Lucid Dream (WILD).

I was there from the beginning. The dream world materialized before my eyes. I was excited that I had been able to do it so easily. The dream world felt clear and crisp, and intensely vivid. I began straight away approaching other dream characters to ask them various questions. They seemed a little alarmed that I was approaching them at first. I asked them a few questions that I cannot recall (I hope to improve on this). As the dream characters answered, I feel a strange sensation that their answers are coming from myself.

I started walking through walls. The more you believe you can walk through an object, the easier it is. It's like a thick jelly membrane.

I came across a man walking along with long blond hair who claimed to be a Lucid Dreaming expert, and that we were sharing this Lucid dream. We both walked along side each other laughing at how cool it all was and high fiving each other. He then suddenly walked off. I hope he returns one dream, as he seems wiser than your typical dream character!

Lucid dreaming is a beautiful experience. One needs simply to go to bed with the intention of becoming aware of your dreams. You become aware of your breath and focus on awareness for as long as possible. It can happen straight away, or it can take many days of practice.

Next post I will write about my Out of Body Experiences while in Sleep Paralysis, and my Sleep paralyses Yoga moves which are totally far out and wicked...

Saturday, 9 February 2013

No news is Good.

When I am feeling down or negative over a period of days I find that if I can refrain from reading or watching any news, my mood will start to lift significantly. I try to go for weeks not catching up with whats going on, but eventually my curiosity gets the better of me and I end up back to the news, and back to wanting little updates to make me feel little bits of happy because now I know sometime new.

It's bizarre how obsessed we are all are with news. It makes us think the world is worse than it actually is since every story is about horrible things happening to humans. I don't want to know about horror car crashes, drownings, killings, breakins, assaults, and above all politics.

The longest I have gone without any news at all was three weeks. During that time my mood was stable, I was happy, I reconnected with the earth and nature, and people noticed my energy had changed.

Now I am going to attempt it again, and see how long I can go. People do find it strange though when I mention I no longer want to be connected to the news. "What, you want to bury your head in the sand?". So this time I'm not saying anything to anyone. I'm just going to be me and see what happens.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012


Like most people I have been fascinated with the vast amount of music available today. When I was growing up in the 80s, I liked about 5 or so bands. Now, each week, I scan through literally thousands of different bands finding absolute masterpieces within.

I like anything from Classical to Depressive Black Metal. Lately as I have become older, I am getting more in to folk music.

The above video is just an excerpt of one of my all time favourite tracks from a German one man band named Wedard. I also created and manage the site for him at .

I often listen to these epic tracks when walking deep in the bush or high up in the mountains. The endorphin rush is truly indescribable. When I am running of a morning I often listen to metal; the mix of endorphins can assist in running harder and further. I have what could be described as a "mid morning awakening" on occasion.

It is music that has been inspired from the depths of ones truthful heart rather than the scheming mind.

One of the aspects of epic metal tracks I love is their ability to build tension for a while for example 5 to 8 minutes of discordant monotony then suddenly flooding open in perfect blissful harmony.

Viewed from a particular perspective, Depressive Black Metal truly can uplift one to the greatest levels of happiness. A Rachmaninoff Piano concerto can also do the same.

For thousands of years, humans have inspired each other to create more and more complex music. It's almost like the spiral arms of a fractal in that each generation of musicians inspires the next and so on, creating ever more complex, beautiful, and unique sounds.

The universe is truly a great mystery. Music is a direct expression of that creative force, hence why it resonates so deeply within our beings when heard from stillness.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Sleep Paralysis

Around the age of 5 I started my journey with Sleep Paralysis and Lucid Dreaming. I know this only because I moved from the city to a country town when I was that age and it was then, in the pristine silence, my mind began to awaken to dreaming (or I became aware of my dreaming).

At first I had no idea what it was or how to explain it to myself. I was occasionally frightened by the experience of sleep paralysis and found techniques to stop it such as turning my head sideways.
The furthest memories of my lucid dreams are easy for me to recall since they were reoccurring. I would start by becoming paralysed and feeling an intense all over body vibrating buzz that was warm and blissful. I would then have the sensation of sinking deep into darkness where a lucid dream experience would unfold. I would plunge into a large room filled with chairs, I would then fly through the legs of many of these chairs and then everything would suddenly stop with just a single image of a sheep and then the sound of the sheep bleating.  Beyond this could have been anything from a further in depth lucid experience to a regular dream adventure. I had this reoccurring dream for many years. It was my gateway into lucid dreaming.
Over the years, the reoccurring dream eventually disappeared. I still had the buzzing sensation and I knew that this meant it was time for a dream and would let it happen.
When I moved out of home and back in to the city, I had some difficulty adjusting. The buzzing no longer meant I would automatically plunge into dreaming. I would stay a while in the paralysed buzzing state. This is where I started exploring Sleep paralysis. I was indeed very frightened at times since I could not move and had worries about people breaking into my house and attacking me. I learnt to overcome this by asking the universe for protection. While paralysed I would simply remember to say “please let me be safe” and I manage to calm myself down. You have to be brave, it’s like walking through a swarm of bees, you have to maintain courage and focus otherwise you will run screaming (wake up).  
Now that I am getting older and I have become used to the city, I find sleep paralysis very comfortable. There can be occasional times of terror, but I just re-adjust and try again.
I regularly experience buzzing, humming, vibrations, pressure on my chest, bodies lying on top of me; sometimes kissing and hugging me, hands on my neck, floating above my body, seeing my sleeping body from above.

I have been 'enjoying' Sleep paralysis for many years now. I find it a great experience of exploration and wonder. I have reached the stage of being able to lie down and consciously 'bring-on' an episode. I have SP most nights.
One thing that I have noticed about SP is that no else seems to mention experiences of free virtual limb/body movements. This is the extraordinary process of proceeding to move a part of your body, and it feels as though it is moving; but you can still see your hand or leg in the original position. This has developed so much that I can roll out of my body. 

Also when you move your ‘virtual’ limb though an object, your mind seems to be able to imagine what that feels like. I can move my limb through my partner’s leg and I can feel her flesh and bone.  or you can push your legs through the bed and feel the roughness of the wooden slats.

Astral travel experiences can also happen at this stage when you completely leave your body. I find the constructs of the human mind fascinating!

Sleep Paralysis is certainly nothing to be afraid of. It is my belief that this is a long forgotten skill that human beings once found great happiness and insight from. A natural ability to hallucinate or trip without drugs.


I have decided I don't read enough and that the over consumption of social media has begun to rot my once creative and in depth mind.

I am going to reverse this damage by attempting to read a book per week and provide detail into my thoughts on each of the books I complete and also describe how I change as a result of this.

I aim to expand my consciousness, improve my vocabulary, increase my self confidence, engaging in more interesting conversation, and most importantly of all, reignite my imagination and creativity.

Book number 1 will be: Haroun and the Sea of Stories - By Salman Rushdie

It's a nice easy childrens book, simply to warm up my mind after so many years of neglect.

Haroun and the Sea of Stories is an adventure novel, the story of a father and son, of Rashid and Haroun, and of Haroun's determination to rescue his father and return to him his special gift. It has a mad bus driver named Butt and a water genie named Iff. It has a floating gardener and a pair of fishes with mouths all over their bodies. It has the wonderful city of Gup (where it is always light) and the terrible land of Chup (where it is always dark). And, perhaps most important, it has P2C2E.
Processes Too Complicated To Explain.