Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Entering the Lucid Dream Land

I have experienced a lot of Lucid dreams over the years. But recently they have been declining. I decided to start practicing the techniques again.

I had been watching some you tube videos on how to increase Lucidity in your daily life and dreaming. I eventually got on to a ten part series on Lucidipedia on Advanced Lucid Dreaming techniques. I watched just four parts, and then went to bed.

As I lay there, I was comfortable, and deeply feelingly awareness. I remained conscious of my awareness for as long as possible. I eventually reached the transition phase of waking into sleep and experienced what is commonly known as a Wake Induced Lucid Dream (WILD).

I was there from the beginning. The dream world materialized before my eyes. I was excited that I had been able to do it so easily. The dream world felt clear and crisp, and intensely vivid. I began straight away approaching other dream characters to ask them various questions. They seemed a little alarmed that I was approaching them at first. I asked them a few questions that I cannot recall (I hope to improve on this). As the dream characters answered, I feel a strange sensation that their answers are coming from myself.

I started walking through walls. The more you believe you can walk through an object, the easier it is. It's like a thick jelly membrane.

I came across a man walking along with long blond hair who claimed to be a Lucid Dreaming expert, and that we were sharing this Lucid dream. We both walked along side each other laughing at how cool it all was and high fiving each other. He then suddenly walked off. I hope he returns one dream, as he seems wiser than your typical dream character!

Lucid dreaming is a beautiful experience. One needs simply to go to bed with the intention of becoming aware of your dreams. You become aware of your breath and focus on awareness for as long as possible. It can happen straight away, or it can take many days of practice.

Next post I will write about my Out of Body Experiences while in Sleep Paralysis, and my Sleep paralyses Yoga moves which are totally far out and wicked...

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