Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Sleep Paralysis Stuff

Sleep paralysis occurs on most nights. It's something I have struggled with years ago, but have since developed strategies to turn it into something I enjoy and explore.

Sleep paralysis is experienced when your mind stays awake and aware while the rest of your body stays asleep and frozen. It can happen on going to sleep, or when waking up from a dream.

The feeling is peculiar, you are entirely frozen, but if you try, you can move your limbs and body outside of your physical body, and also get up and walk about. This is also linked with astral travel.

I have recently began performing wild yoga moves whereby I lift my legs up out of my body, and then use my imaginary hands to lift my body further up into a pose. If I allow it, I can then float above my body in ultimate weightless bliss. I might also then flap my arms until I reach my ceiling, then move through the roof and out far into space.

When waving my hands or feet in front of my face, I can make out an eerie outline of my limbs, often shimmering, and at times, I can see transparent veins.

I am often visited by astral beings, I used to become frightened by this, but I now smile deeply from within my heart, and remain in peace. They soon go away. Once I was dragged from my body and along the hallway by one of these beings, I looked up and with a deep smile said "is that all you can do?". I then snapped back into my body. Beating the fear involves giving courage and allowing the experience to unfold while remaining open in your heart. I used to have reoccurring dreams of approaching a door, and then finding myself desperately trying to close it on a crazed demon. I now open the door and invite it whole heartedly like a polite doorman and it suddenly disappears. The demon is your own fear.

Sleep paralysis is deeply relaxing and meditative experience. There is a lot of information on the internet about it, often misleading. The important thing is to experience it yourself. And all you have to do to experience it is to go to bed with the intention that it's going to happen.

Sleep Paralysis is also the gateway into Lucid Dreaming.

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