Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Sleep Paralysis OBE Notes

Last night I made a huge discovery regarding my out of body experiences during sleep paralysis.

While lying on my back, I enter the paralyzed state and then usually attempt to roll left out of my body, from the bed as if I would in real life. I had quite a bit of difficulty doing this for years, until last nights discovery. Roll the other WAY! I chose to roll to the right and whala, (I still rolled out to the left however, it was strangely reversed).

I planted both of my magical feet on the wooden floor and then slowly traipsed forward toward the bathroom where my partner was brushing her teeth. I could hear my shallow breathing, and I was a little frightened my my own creepiness in that I was just standing there, staring at her about an inch away from her face. I then snapped back and woke up. Buzzing with  colors on the ceiling, then deep warmth and bliss buzzing in my brain.

There is so much to explore! Another note to remember is that you should Never cross your legs when going into paralysis, it hampers the whole OBE movement. Make sure you are lying free, legs and arms straight and relaxed.

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